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Choose the membership opportunity that aligns with your age, qualifications, and availability. Become part of our dedicated team and make a difference in your community today.

Live-In Firefighter: For individuals aged 18 years or older with Firefighter 1 certification. You’ll receive free room and board in exchange for running calls and attending training. 

Firefighter: Open to individuals 18 or older willing to dedicate numerous hours to training and responding to fire calls. 

Duty Crew Firefighter: This opportunity is for individuals aged 15 years or older who are already members of another fire department in good standing. As a duty crew firefighter, you’ll attend regular training with your home department and commit a specified number of hours to monthly in-station staffing.

Junior Firefighter: Available for individuals aged 15 years or older. You’ll commit significant hours to training and responding to fire calls as a junior firefighter.

Associate Member: Open to individuals aged 15 years or older willing to contribute hours to assist with weekly activities on Monday nights, fire prevention details, or any requested tasks.  

Driver: Operate state-of-the-art firefighting apparatus, serving as the backbone of our response team. As a driver, you are crucial in safely transporting equipment and personnel to emergency scenes, ensuring timely and efficient support for our firefighters and first responders.

* Active firefighting participation is not mandatory for associate members.

We strongly emphasize professional development, growth, and commitment to supporting and empowering our members. Check out all of the benefits below. 


We provide our volunteers with the necessary resources to continuously develop their skills and gain valuable certifications and training.

Join the Cetronia Volunteer Fire Department, and become part of our dedicated firefighters’ rich “Southside Pride” legacy. Together, we carry on a tradition of service and honor the proud heritage of our community.

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